Meet us

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Green Spoon means people, for whom high quality, health, nature and tradition are the most important values.

We do not succumb the consumption rush for mass products, we do not acknowledge preservatives or artificial taste improvers. We love nature for what it is. We are searching for tastes, led by smell, intuition and experience.

The omnipresent low quality of mass food products and their negative impact on health, made us introduce a limited range of healthy food, especially for you: certified organic products, traditional, with a natural taste, devoid of chemistry, just healthy.

The Green Spoon products is a trip back in time to a farmhouse, visit in the farmer’s wives’ association, is to stay in the kitchen, where one praises health, tradition and commitment to nature. The developed recipes do not come from a biochemical laboratory, but from verbal transfers of our grandmas.

Our products mean the explosion of tastes, culinary thrill, love for nature and health in the purest sense. We create it all with the greatest care and attention in relation to traditional recipes.



Green Spoon is also a way of life, an escape from the crowded cities, miles of traffic jams, noise, hustle and bustle.

We invite You along with your family and friends to this working organic farm. Here you may see a world in which nature gives the rhythm of our lives. You will meet people living in harmony with nature, where mutual respect gives you joy, satisfaction and peace of mind. Cottages-vacation will inspire You to act without worries, and the problems of everyday life will be defeated easier.

The perfect diet, well-being and a healthy figure are not strange for us. Our nutrition experts will advise and suggest the program health for Your body and mind. Our cooks will prepare not only tasty but also healthy meals.

Green Spoon are eco-people, healthy, happy with life and successful. We love nature.

Live healthy, live with Green Spoon!

100% love to nature.